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Information for buyers

דף ראשי Information for buyers

Buying Guide for Buyers at the Pentagon - Auction House

Read all about how to sign up ⬫ how to buy ⬫ how to sell ⬫ what do you win

Welcome to the “Pentagon Auction” ⬫ Here you will find hundreds of unique and special items offered for auction.

“Pentagon Auction” is an addictive house for collectibles and antiques from the “Pentagon Safes” ⬫ The variety of items we offer for sale include special collectibles that are second to none ⬫ In order to purchase one of the collectibles and make the purchase you must follow the instructions below ⬫ Purchase in 4 simple steps.

First step

Create a user account

In order to make a purchase on our site

You must register and log in to the bidspirit sales website.

Registration allows you to view active sales and make the actual purchase.

After registering / logging in, you can return to our website to continue browsing.

Fast contact


    Second step

    Enter an active sale

    On the site you will find 2 main types of sales, active sales and sales that have already closed. It is important that you differentiate between these 2 sales so that you do not waste time on an item that is no longer offered for sale.


    Items for sale


    Satisfied customers


    Successful sales


    Years of experience


    Third step

    Give a bid

    The basic principle of an auction is that the participants give a bid and the highest bidder is the winner.

    You can give a quote in 2 methods, the first is to enter the active sale on the sales website and make your offer, the second option is by contacting us directly by phone at 052-9503399

    Last but not least


    If the offer you made was the highest and you were informed that you won the item then


    Now all you have to do is contact us and coordinate the collection from us or coordinate the delivery of the item to you.