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Information for sellers

דף ראשי Information for sellers

Sales Guide at the Pentagon - Auction House

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Welcome to the “Pentagon Auction” ⬫ Here you will find hundreds of unique and special items offered for auction.

Beyond the possibility of purchasing collectibles at the “Pentagon Auction” ⬫ We offer a service of selling items in your possession ⬫ We will examine the item, help you estimate its price and even offer it for sale for you.

There are 3 ways in which you can sell collectibles through us and they are brought to you:

First option

The online method

Do you have an interesting item you want to offer for sale?

Whether it is antique, collectible or valuable we are here for you.

All you have to do is photograph the item clearly and send us the photos. It is recommended to shoot from several directions and in bright lighting.

The photos can be sent by email:

Or to WhatsApp for the number: 052-950-3399

Fast contact


    second option

    Pop up for a visit

    Want to maintain your comfort environment?

    We will reach out to you to give you a price estimate for the items you would like to sell. We will help you price them and all this without you having to leave the house.






    מכירות מוצלחות


    שנות ניסיון


    Third option

    Let's meet the coffee on us

    If you are more comfortable reaching out to us and displaying your items you are more than welcome.

    Contact us at 052-950-3399 and arrange your arrival with us.

    Talk to us

    You will not believe what treasures you have at home

    Sometimes the biggest treasure is in the backyard.

    If you are before renovating, moving an apartment, selling an apartment by will, etc., you should invite us to you at a junction where we will examine what treasures are hidden in your home.

    More than once items that seem marginal and meaningless to you are actually of high monetary value and we are here to perform for you the appraisal and even the sale of these items.